The Radical: ノ

Emphasis    ノ

Explanation The single stroke is often used as an accent for emphasizing something.

Used in these Kanji:
JLPT 5Joyo 1
life, birth, grow, raw, pure
ikiru, umu/maru, haeru, nama, ki, SEI, SHŌ
Emphasis (here: a twig) at a growing plant /丰
The twig at the growing plant stands for life.

JLPT 5Joyo 1
toshi, NEN
Comprises the trunk | of a tree with three branches, which is understood as a growing plant . Additionally with two accents ,| which are understood as fruits.
When the growing plants bear fruit, it has passed: another year.

JLPT 5Joyo 1
shiroi, HAKU
The sun with a sun ray
(You are dazzled) The shining sun makes it: white.

JLPT 4Joyo 2
cow, bull
ushi, GYŪ

It shows the head of a cow with only one horn .

JLPT 4Joyo 2
mizukara, SHI, JI
An emphasis with an eye
I emphasize the eye shows the: own self.

JLPT 4Joyo 2
to know, knowledge
shiru, CHI
Left: an arrow (An arrow flies in the sky ), right: a mouth (here: a target)
The arrow hits the target, if it knows it.

JLPT 3Joyo 3
charge, duty, involvement
kakari, KEI
Left: person (=), right: system or family line (a stroke as the thread of the lineage)
(Inheritance of profession from father to son) A person in this family line comes into charge and duty.

JLPT 3Joyo 3
chi, KETSU
An accent (or drop) and a plate
The drop on the plate is blood.

JLPT 4Joyo 3
get on, ride, take part
Kind of combination of a vehicle and a tree - Or better: a vehicle with open doors
A vehicle with open doors: ... get on for a ride.

JLPT 3Joyo 4
to lose, disappear
ushinau, SHITSU
Upper left: accent for emphasis, rest: husband (= big person with extra-caring arms )
I emphasize: The husband is losing.

JLPT 3Joyo 4
mago, SON
Left: child , right: lineage, system (A stroke as the thread for the lineage.)
The child that is connected by the special [= accent as emphasis] thread of lineage is my grandchild.

JLPT 2Joyo 5
long time, long lasting
hisashii, KYŪ, KU
Pictograph: bent person , person
The bent person has been there for a long time.

JLPT 3Joyo 2
ya, SHI
Upper left: an accent/emphasis which here is seen as an arrow. Rest: heaven/sky:
The stroke in the sky is an arrow.

JLPT 1Joyo 7
reach, extend, come up, and
oyobu/bosu/bi, KYŪ
Left: person , right: image of a hand stretched out
The person stretches a hand out to reach s.o.

JLPT 1Joyo 7
reform, rectify, straighten, correct
tameru, KYŌ
Left: arrow (An arrow flies in the sky ), right: emphasis , big , var. of high/tall (Image of a watch tower)
The arrow is too tall and high, we have to correct/reform this.

JLPT 1Joyo 7
ignoble, lowly, shabby, base, vulgar
iyashii/shimu, HI
From top: accent , field , accent , ten
I have already emphasized twice that this field is ten times ignoble.

JLPT 1Joyo 7
poverty, destitution, scarce, meager, lacking
Top: can be seen a person and bottom as: zigzag
(In search of food) If a person zigzags, he is poor.


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