Memory phrase (Mnemonic) for: 辱



embarrass, insult, shame, humiliation




Top: plow (At the field corner a first line is plowed by the farmer 农 [农=Chinese for farmer]), bottom: skillful hand


He still had the plow in his skillful hand and felt embarrassed.


plow(Actually 7 - 9 a.m., and above it assigned to the zodiac sign: Dragon. Here pragmatically understood as "plow". At the field corner a first line is plowed by the farmer 农 [农= Chinese for farmer].)
skillful hand(Image of a hand forearm and pulse . It was originally also the distance of one inch (Length: 1 SUN = 3.03 cm) from the hand's palm to the pulse. This also stood for a small amount. In the mnemonic, it is used as "skillful hand" and partly also "to measure".)
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侮辱 ぶじょく insult, contempt, slight

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