Memory phrase (Mnemonic) for: 葬



bury, funeral, interment




Top & bottom: plant , middle: death (Below the earth are the bare bones of a sitting person )


Between the plants the dead are buried. (Or: Like a sunset of the dead is the: funeral.)


plant, grass(Shows two plants growing through the ground, simple variation of 艸.)
bare bone(Bones (vertebrae or rib) and sitting person under ground .)
to go down, to set(Please be aware that this very similar radical stands for the sunrise.)
sitting person(The Radical sajinohi means "spoon". But due to its appearance is typically used as a "sitting person". In few cases however, it is understood as claws (i.e. of a bear).)
two hands(Two hands 屮 (with the fingers towards the top) simplified and combined.)
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葬る ほうむる to bury/to inter/to entomb/to consign to oblivion/to shelve
葬式 そうしき funeral

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